Getting Started

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Database management done right. Connection explorer, query runner, intellisense, bookmarks, query history. Feel like a database hero!

Supported Drivers

  • AWS Redshift

  • Cassandra

  • MariaDB


  • MySQL

  • OracleDB

  • PostgreSQL

  • SAPHana

  • SQLite

Do you want to add a new driver? We have a tool to help you. See support new drivers guide.


  • SQL Format (Beautifier)

    • Win/Linux: ctrl+e ctrl+b

    • OSX: cmd+e cmd+b

    • or using the standard VSCode Format Document/selection

  • Bookmark query

    • Win/Linux: ctrl+e ctrl+q

    • OSX: cmd+e q

  • Delete Bookmarked query

    • Win/Linux: ctrl+e ctrl+r

    • OSX: cmd+e cmd+r

  • Edit Bookmarked query

  • Auto complete for Table names and columns

  • Add connection wizard

  • Sidebar database explorer

  • Export results to JSON and CSV



You can read the entire docs in

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SQLTools was developed with ♥ to save us time during our programming journey.

SQLTools will save you (for sure) a lot of time and help you to increase your productivity so, please consider a donation or become a supporter and help SQLTools to become more awesome than ever.

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All the amazing contributors❤️.

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