Here is the process for improving this documentation.


  1. Fork the repository.
  2. Clone your fork.
  3. Open the project workspace (vscode-sqltools.code-workspace) with VS Code.
  4. Create a branch from the dev branch.
  5. Expand the docs root folder.
  6. Edit pages. For example this page is at src/pages/en/contributing/documentation.mdx within docs


  • If changing home.mdx try to keep (in vscode-sqltools root folder of the workspace) in sync.


  1. In the Debug view’s dropdown choose Development server (docs) and run it.
  2. In the Terminal tab of the Panel, look for a terminal instance containing text like this:
Debugger attached.
   astro  v1.2.1 started in 818ms
  ┃ Local    http://localhost:3000/
  ┃ Network  use --host to expose
  1. Use Ctrl/Cmd+Click to open the link in a browser.


  1. Stage your changes.
  2. Push your branch to your fork.
  3. Create a PR on the main repository requesting that your branch gets merged.